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Anesthesia Errors

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All of us view anesthesia as a normal part of any procedure or operation. Anesthesia does come with its own risks. Most of these anethesia drugs are quite potent and must be administered with careful precision. This procedure that accompanies all surgeries whether minor or major allows the patient to be unconscious where they do not feel the pain of the surgery.

Generally, modern anesthesia is very safe and is highly recommended for this reason. However, anesthesiologists are human and do make mistakes. If an error is made during anesthesia, there can be severe mistakes and even fatal results. Anesthesia errors are one of the most dangerous forms of medical malpractice. Approximately 40% of anesthesia injuries result in permanent brain damage or death.

Often these deaths and other injuries could be avoided if the professional administering the treatment had not been negligent in some way or another. This procedure often becomes too routine and the professional administering the anesthesia loses focus and becomes negligent providing either an incorrect dosage or medication injuring the patient.

Examples of anesthesiologist malpractice:

  • Not discovering crucial allergies
  • Administering drugs that are contra-indicated to present prescriptions
  • Wrong dosage of administering drugs
  • Failure to respond distress signs in a timely manner
  • Negligence in monitoring the patient during surgery

While administering anesthesia is a relatively common procedure in hospitals, each patient is unique and may require different dosages, types, and methods of administration. This is the reason there are professionals known as anesthesiologists who are trained to know the methods and use of anesthesia and the possible dangers. Anesthesia errors can occur for a number of reasons, and at different points in the surgical process.

Examples of Anesthesia Injuries

  • Respiratory damage
  • Cardiovascular events
  • Patient movement injuries due to inadequate anesthesia
  • Burn injuries from equipment malfunction

Respiratory depression and cardiovascular events can cut off the supply of blood to the brain, which can lead to brain damage and death. This is why anesthesia errors are such a serious form of medical malpractice .

Forman Law Offices will explore every facet of your case. We will prepare the appropriate medical documentation necessary to prove your negligence claim. Our goal is to prove that negligence has occurred. We will try to prove how the anesthesia error has affected your health. We will be fully prepared for trial, if litigation becomes necessary.

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