Successful Cases


Misdiagnosed infection resulting in brain damaged baby $5,500,000
Delayed delivery resulting in brain damaged baby $3,250,000
Death of pregnant women, also injuring newborn $2,750,000
Death of pregnant women $2,300,000
Death due to hypertension during pregnancy $1,250,000
Brain damaged baby at birth $1,225,000
Delayed delivery resulting in stillbirth $675,000
Erb’s palsy injury to infant at birth $375,000
Death of premature baby $350,000
Untreated infection resulting in death of newborn $325,000
Improper abortion $142,500
Improper laparoscopy $125,000
Erb’s palsy/shoulder dystocia $100,000
Improper dilation and currettage $50,000


Failure to diagnose pneumonia in a new mother $4,000,000
Death of pregnant woman $2,300,000
Failure to diagnose blood clot in spinal cord $900,000
Colectomy due to pseudo-membranous colitis $800,000
Dental nerve injury $435,000
Untreated infection resulting in death of newborn $325,000
Delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer $250,000
Improper referral for cancer diagnosis $250,000
Brain damage resulting from morphine overdose $250,000
Death due to tracheal stenosis $250,000
Death of cancer patient $250,000
Untreated infection resulting in amputation $200,000
Misdiagnosis of wrist fracture $105,000
Ruptured appendix $30,000


Paralysis after back surgery $3,625,000
Improper injection of steroid into spinal cord $1,520,000
Death due to cardiac catheterization $1,400,000
Brain Injury following anesthesia $825,000
Colostomy due to pseudo-membranous colitis $888,000
Improper Spinal Fusion $475,000
Death of cancer patient $250,000
Breast reduction on new mother $240,000
Torn sphincter during hemorrhoidectomy $225,000
Wrong plastic surgery site $137,500
Lacerated spinal accessory nerve $110,000
Surgical sponge left in abdomen $75,000
Retained surgical sponge during delivery $62,500
Punctured lung $60,000
Punctured colon during colonoscopy $50,000
Operation on wrong finger $50,000
Operation on wrong side of eye $40,000


Improper prescription resulting in rhabdomyolysis $475,000
Wrong dosage from nurses $320,000
Wrong medication from physician $175,000
Medication overdose resulting in brain injury $125,000
Untreated infection in ankle $100,000
Wrong prescription filled by pharmacist $75,000
Patient placed on “natural” non-prescription medications, causing development of CVA $65,000

Hospital Errors

Death due to cardiac catheterization $1,400,000
X-ray not dictated, resulting in stroke $975,000
Death do to untreated infection $515,000
Surgical sponge left in abdomen $300,000
Brain damage resulting from morphine overdose $250,000
Delay in treating foot infection $100,000
Fall in hospital $75,000
Fall from hospital bed $12,500


Misdiagnosis of eye tumor $888,000
LASIK eye surgery resulting in blindness $475,000
Misdiagnosis of glaucoma $290,000
Improper LASIK $240,000
Improper LASIK $160,000
Failure to diagnose glaucoma $135,000
Poor LASIK results $110,000
Misdiagnosis of glaucoma $80,000


Undiagnosed infection $450,000
Misdiagnosed fracture $50,000


Dental nerve injury $435,000
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