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Stroke Misdiagnosis

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If you believe you or a loved one had a stroke due to complications during surgery or due to errors by the hospital staff, please contact a Florida Stroke Malpractice Lawyer immediately. You will need help to hold medical professionals accountable for their negligence and to receive your deserved compensation.

Individuals who are at high risk of stroke must go to the hospital to receive the necessary care and to receive professional monitoring. Under normal situations, under the supervision of a doctor or nurse, medication can be administered in a timely manner to prevent a stroke from causing serious harm or death.

Mistakes and errors can happen. The hospital staff can miss the obvious warning signs or totally fail to make their rounds. When the doctors or nurses are not as watchful as they should be, the results can be disastrous even fatal.

Most strokes are caused by a disruption in the blood flow to the brain. The two most common types of strokes are ischemic strokes, when the blood flow to the brain is blocked by a blood clot, and hemorrhagic strokes, which is cause by a burst blood vessel in the brain.

Most major strokes are preceded by a small stroke called “transient ischemic attack”. Recognizing early symptoms can prevent a major stroke.

When “Transient Ischemic Attacks” Occur – the Hospital Should BE ON RED ALERT

Even though a “transient ischemic attack” is not a stroke, it is a sign that a stroke is coming. This kind of attack has the same symptoms as a full-blown stroke which includes dizziness, nausea, headaches, loss of vision in one eye. Unlike a full-blown stroke, a transient ischemic attack will eventually resolve itself.

Whenever a patient suffers a transient ischemic attack, the patient needs to be placed in a stroke center. The hospital should be put on red alert. The patient must be monitored every two hours to check for symptoms of a possible major stroke.

Once stroke symptoms start to set in, the doctors and nurses have two hours to administer the drug TPA – “Tissue Plasminogen Activator.” Strokes are caused when clots block the flow of blood to the brain. TPA dissolves those clots.

If the doctors or nurses wait more than two hours to administer this drug, TPA, it may be too late. The result will be permanent brain damage or even death. That is why hospital staff needs to check on their patients at least every two hours to test for warning signs.

Healthcare providers must act promptly to treat patients complaining of these symptoms. Failure to do so often results in brain damage, paralysis and even death. Doctors are responsible for injuries caused by their delay in diagnosing and treatment.

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